FAQ #9801, published on 2014-11-18, updated on 2014-11-26
WINDEV commands GglListCalendar and GglListContact not working anymore after November 17, 2014, causing in some cases an HTTPForbidden-403 error
The reason is that these commands were built with Google Calendar API v2 that has been shutdown on November 17, 2014.

An upgrade using Google Calendar API version 3 has been made available for WINDEV version 56s. This upgrade will also support the Google Oauth 2.0 authenfication.

After downloading and installing the upgrade, some actions will be required :

  • update your code in order to use the new properties : "ClientID" and "ClientSecret" of the gglConnection variable

More details are to be found in the Help here :


Important note about dates in Google calendar:

Dates returned by GglGetCalendar and GglListCalendar in variables of type gglEvent are expressed in the local time zone. They may be used as is in a Calendar control set for the local time zone.

If needed you may use the DateTimeLocalToTimeZone and  DateTimeLocalToUTC commands to convert the date for another time zone.

The time zone for a given calendar is returned by the ..TimeZone property in the gglCalendar variables. The returned value is the time zone name in the "tz" database (or Olson database). It can be used as is with the DateTimeLocalToTimeZone command.