FAQ #9637, published on 2014-10-09, updated on 2014-10-15
Images in help files not displayed in edit (capital X instead) however visible when compiled, what to do ?

What To Do? A DLL is not registered, you may register it manually

  • From the desktop, on the taskbar, select Start | Run | Type: cmd.exe | Press Return,
  • For Windows Vista and later, the command prompt must be run as 'an administrator'. On Windows 8 (for example), go to the Start screen, type 'cmd' to find the app, right-click the returned app and select 'Run as administrator' at the bottom of the screen.
  • a command prompt is opened.
  • to register the missing dll, type :
    • regsvr32 "<WINDEV forder>\Programs\wdaidex.dll" if 32-bit editor,
    • regsvr32 "<WINDEV forder>\Programs\wdaidex64.dll" if 64-bit editor.