FAQ #8826, published on 2014-02-12, updated on 2014-05-26
Error "Dongle not detected" when starting the 64 bits version of WINDEV/WEBDEV/WINDEV MOBILE

The most frequent causes are :

1. You're not using the right program. Check whether it is WinDev64.exe for WINDEV, or WebDev64.exe for WEBDEV, or  WindevMobile64.exe for  WINDEV Mobile.

2. Your dongle is not 64 bits compatible and must be replaced. In order to check this, run the installation wizard. It will check the dongle and give you a link to replace it if need be.

3. The dongle driver is not up-to-date. Go to FAQ 3519 to fix this.

4. You are using a multi-licences version, and the driver needs an update. Go to FAQ 3067 to fix this.