FAQ #8387, published on 2013-11-06
Experiencing ftp errors with Windows 8.1, or Windows Seven + IE11, and possibly Windows Update KB2830477 ?
Some WLanguage functions are impacted by a bug in Windows 8.1 (or more preciesly IE11) .
You will experience errors such as :

PUT Error: Unable to modify current directory to . Last Server Response: System Error Details: Wrong parameter.

Let say first that the bug is with Microsoft and that hopefully a new Windows Update will fix it. For the mean time, there are workarounds depending on which WINDEV version you are using :


Add this line, before calling the ftpConnect function :

ftpParamètre(1,1) // undocumented function french syntax (new feature of version 19)

Unfortunately the workaround works for all ftp functions but the ftpCOMMAND function .

WINDEV version 17 and lower

Do not use Windows 8.1 until a fix is provided by Microsoft.

Important note : the same is true for Windows Seven with IE11 installed, or Windows Seven with the Microsoft KB2830477 update installed.