FAQ #8161, published on 2013-10-03, updated on 2020-01-01
How to remove all HASP/Safenet/Sentinel drivers in order to get a clean config ?
  1. Download https://package.windev.com/pack/addons//hasp/haspdinst.exe

  2. Open the command line and run: 

    haspdinst.exe -fr -kp -purge


HASPDINST is needed for removing the "Run-time package" version 8.21. This version 8.21 is not compatible with the WDMAJCLE.EXE program( the app that can upgrade your dongle). The solution is to replace this version 8.21 with the version 8.11. It's a bit tricky:

1. Run the "Services" app

2. If a service named "HASP Loader" is running then stop it.

3. Open "Windows Explorer" and go to the directory where you install WINDEV 27. 

4. Go to the "/programs" folder

5. Find the "haspdinst.exe" program

6. Open a command-line console (cmd) as admin

7. Drag the haspdinst.exe from the Explorer window to the console window and add the required parameters. The command will be :

haspdinst.exe -fr -kp -purge

8. When the command terminates, go to FAQ 3519 and download and install the version 8.11 of the run-time installer.

https://package.windev.com/pack/addons//hasp/HASPUserSetup.exe  (8.11)

Now the Gemalto diagnostic should show that version 8.11 is installed