FAQ #8007, published on 2013-09-30
With IOS7 the status bar comes on top of my controls, why ?
In IOS 6, the status bas is always visible on top of the screen, but is not a part of the screen. Coordinate 0x0 is 20 pixels below.

In IOS 7, the status bar is transparent and is included in the avaible space. If you have a control at coordinate 0x0, with IOS6 it is below the status bar, with IOS7 it is under the status bar (the status bar is on top of it).

What can you do ?

1. Compile your app with Xcode 4.6.3. No need to change anything.

2. Compile with Xcode 5 and shift all your controls by 20 pixel to the bottom.

3. Remove the status bar and your app will look the same in IOS6 and IOS7. This solution requires a special upgrade of WINDEV MOBILE. With this upgrade, apps have no status bar no matter what you set in the editor, no matter you compile with Xcode 4.6.3 or Xcode 5.

This upgrade (reference 83959) is available on the resources page here :
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