FAQ #3518, published on 2021-06-24
Installing the local dongle driver for versions lower than version 25

These old version of WINDEV, WEBDEV, WINDEV Mobile use a command line version of driver.

Follow these steps to install the driver:

- Unplug all dongles

- download the driver in C:\temp

- Open a Windows command line in the C:\temp folder

- Enter haspdinst.exe -i -ld and press Enter

- Make sure port 1947 TCP/UDP is not blocked by any security app (anti-virus, firewall, etc)

Special cases:

-if running the haspdinst.exe -i -ld command ask you to stop a service, please comply.

-the driver version can be display by the following command haspdinst.exe -info

See also : dongle, protection, hasp, haspdint