FAQ #3067, published on 2012-02-13, updated on 2021-11-08
Software required for multiple licenses (3 developers license or more)
Important : make sure the driver for the key (dongle) is installed before proceeding (FAQ 3519).

For a multiple developers licence, you need to install a "key server" on the machine that hosts the dongle. In order to do that:

- uninstall any previous "Hasp Licence Mananger" using the Control Panel

- download https://package.windev.com/pack/addons/WDMAJCLE/lmsetup.exe

- before running lmsetup.exe adjust its properties as described here:

Compatibility tab, Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for " and select "Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)"

- run the lmsetup.exe with the default settings (meaning install as a service)

Additionnal settings : Exclude the nhsrvice.exe service from the "Data Execution Prevention" mecanism

- in Control Panel\System and Security\System (shortcut Windows key + Pause)

- Advanced system settings, Advanced tab, Performance section, Settings button

- Data Execution Prevention
- Click "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:" and add the following:
- c:\windows\system32\nhsrvice.exe (32 bit system)
- c:\windows\SysWOW64\nhsrvice.exe (64 bit system)

In addition, for 32 bits editors, the port 475 must be opened.

For 64 bits editors, both ports 475 and 1947 must be opened.

Notes :
- The NetHASP License Manager is also required when using TSE.
- The Client will detect the server automatically however it is possible to force the Client to use a given Server. In order to do that create a NETHASP.INI file in the Windows folder and in the /programs/ folder of WINDEV/WEBDEV/WINDEV MOBILE.

;Pas de IPX
;Pas de Net Bios
;TCPIP activé

;Méthode : UDP ou TCP
;Adresse IP ou DNS du serveur de clé
;Pas de braodcast
;Port (par défaut 475)

For 64 bits editors, another config file is required : HASPLM.INI in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Aladdin Shared\HASP\ folder.

It's a simple text file that must contain these lines :

; no broadcast
broadcastsearch = 0
; server IP address or name
serveraddr = <Remote License Managers IP address or name>

Alternative to the HASPLM.INI

In any browser goto http://localhost:1947 to open the "Sentinel Admin Control Center"
- select Configuration in the Options menu.
- goto the "Access to Remote Licence Manager" tab
- unselect "Broadcast Search for Remote Licenses"
- enter the name or the IP address of the server in the "Remote License Search Parameters"
- click Submit to validate.

Apple M1 processor, Microsoft Surface with ARM processor 
The driver for a local dongle is only available for machines using an
Intel x86 processor. Using WINDEV, WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile on an ARM
based machine is only possible when using a network that allows broadcast.