FAQ #29259, published on 2019-10-01
Missing text in PDF with IOS 13 ?
PDF generated from a report (iPrintReport) on an iPhone or iPad running under iOS 13 may not contain all the texts.

This occurs under iOS 13 if the report uses the "Arial" font. From iOS 13 onwards this font is no longer in the PDF reader used for viewing. As a result, any text in a report that uses the "Arial" font will not appear on the iPhone or iPAD.

In order to obtain a correct rendering of the PDF, one solution is to replace the "Arial" font with the "System font".


  • only the texts are impacted during the visualization, the frames for example are always present,
  • the texts are present in the PDF file itself, if it is transferred to another Windows or Mac platform, or to another iPhone / iPAD with an earlier version of iOS.