FAQ #2522, published on 2002-10-15
How do I control the size of my body block in a report if the latter
contains several auto-sizable controls?
When the body block contains several auto-sizable controls outside a
table, the total size of the body block is increased by the sum of the
controls. In order to compute the right size, we suggest using the
following method:

- unmark the option "auto-sizable" in the block
- use the property ..FutureHeight which gives you the height the field
will have when it is fully extended.

//determine the max. height (to make the block larger)
nMax is real = FIELD1..FutureHeight
IF nMax < FIELD2..FutureHeight THEN
_nMax = FIELD2..FutureHeight

IF nMax < FIELD3..FutureHeight THEN
_nMax = FIELD3..FutureHeight

BODY..Height = nMax
FIELD1..Height = nMax
FIELD2..Height = nMax
FIELD3..Height = nMax