FAQ #25109, published on 2023-11-09
How can I change the settings (request timeout, disconnection of inactive users, etc.) for sites hosted by the version 28 reserved server?

The reserved server can be used to host the sites and webservices required for :

- telemetry (WDAnalytics),

- private Store (WDBaaS),

- mobile replication (SRVRPL),

- the webservice for accessing third-party databases from an iOS or Android mobile application (wdsoapdb).

In version 28, this administrator (by default "C:\Program Files\PC SOFT\WEBDEV RServer 28\rserver28.exe") does not allow modification of the parameters:

maximum number of connections for the server, for a site,

number of connections for an address,

delay before the disconnection for inactive users,

- maximum time for a request, etc.

If settings for a site or webservice hosted by the reserved server are required, the following solution is available:

- on the web server, launch the REGEDIT registry editor,

- search for the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\PC SOFT\RSERVER\28.0,

- to make changes :

- on all the sites and applications on the server, modify the values at the root of this key,

- for a specific site or webservice, modify the values in the site key (for example "ApplicationsWDBaaS") or webservice key (for example "Webserviceswdsoapdb").

This setting by the registry is necessary for the version 28 reserved server. Settings can still be made without using the registry for hosted sites and webservices:

- with earlier versions of the reserved server, the settings are made in the administrator. For example:

"C:\Program Files\PC SOFT\WEBDEVRServer 27\rserver27.exe"

or "C:\Program Files\PC SOFT\Serveur Reserve 26\rserver26.exe"

- hosted by the full WEBDEV application server. For example

C:\WebDev\28.0\wd280admin.exe /INTERFONLY