FAQ #24933, published on 2023-09-20
In which case can SCM project synchronization ignore project check-out?
When a project is synchronized with the SCM, and you check out an updated element using the "SCM: A new version is available in the repository" option, the SCM might not check out the project (.WDP file).

This case only affects elements that are checked out using this popup notification. When you get all updated elements via the "SCM" tab of the ribbon or the project dashboard, the project (.WDP file) is always checked out.

The exact case is as follows: 
  • To make a local copy of a project, you get an update of the project and an element (window, page, report , etc.) from the repository, 
  • AND this element is open in the editor,
  • AND the updates are retrieved via the popup message of the element that is open,
  • In this case, the modified element in the SCM is retrieved via the popup, but if you then request the synchronization of the other modified elements, the project (.WDP file) is not retrieved.

An SCM update is available, and enables you to retrieve and synchronize the project, even if you previously retrieved an element via the popup notification: