FAQ #24583, published on 2023-07-17, updated on 2023-07-18
Why are the emailOptionSecuredTLS and OptionSSL constants no longer recognized by syntax highlighting in the code editor after upgrading to version 28 Update 2 (280094)?

Until version 28 Update 1 (280085N), the Option property of a variable of type emailSMTPSession could take the following constants: 

  • emailOptionDefault,
  • emailOptionSecuredTLS: unencrypted connection on port 587, then sends a StartTLS command to start encryption,
  • optionSSL: encrypted TLS connection.

The names of these constants could be confusing as to which protocol was actually being used. To improve code readability, the constants have been renamed from version 28 "Update 2" (280094s): 

  • emailOptionSecuredTLS becomes emailProtocolSMTPS
  • optionSSL becomes optionTLS,

  • the values of the constants remain unchanged,
  • the old constant names:
    • are no longer recognized by syntax highlighting,
    • no longer appear in the code completion suggestions,
    • can still be used without causing a compilation error or unexpected behavior at runtime.