FAQ #22667, published on 2021-11-08, updated on 2022-01-20
"contacts API is being deprecated" error when using GglListContact or any Google Contacts management functions.

Google's contact management functions are based on the Google Contacts API. The Contacts API has been deprecated by Google. Therefore, ggl* functions may fail with the response: 

HTTP request failed.

HTTP return code: <HTTPBadRequest>

Server message: <Contacts API is being deprecated.

Migrate to People API to retain programmatic access to Google Contacts. >

Error Code: 600005

Level: Non-fatal error

Module: wd270ggl64.dll 

In order to regain access to contacts, the call to the ggl* functions must be replaced by an equivalent call to the new People API using the RESTSend WLanguage function. People API syntaxes are detailed on the Google website:


An example of code for GglListContact is provided in french here:


The concerned functions are: 

* GglDelete: Deletes a contact or a group of contacts.

* GglListContact: Retrieves the list of contacts associated with the specified Google account.

* GglListContactByRequest: Retrieves a list of contacts from custom parameters.

* GglListContactGroup: Retrieves the list of groups of contacts associated with the specified Google account.

* GglRequest: Sends a communication request (HTTP request) to a Google service.

* GglWrite: Creates or updates a contact or a group of contacts.