FAQ #20557, published on 2019-07-03, updated on 2020-09-29
How to avoid the "Authentication plugin caching_sha2_password cannot be loaded" error when accessing a MySQL 8 server?

MYSQL version 8 uses Strong Password Encryption for Authentication by default.

The native MySQL access for WINDEV or WEBDEV supports this authentication method: caching_sha2_password authentication. You must, however, use a LIBMYSQL.DLL in version 8.0 minimum. Using an older version will cause an error: Authentication plugin 'caching_sha2_password' cannot be loaded.

You have basically two solutions:

1-Use the "Legacy Authentication Method". It can be done when installing the server:

Or using the MySQL WorkBench

2-Find the LibMySQL.DLL version 8.0 and copy it in the FrameWorkWin64X86 directory of WINDEV (WEBDEV). It can be found in the Lib directory of the MySQL server version 8.

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