FAQ #19034, published on 2019-09-17
How to cope with Android 9 blocking HTTP accesses ?
Starting with Android 9, API level 28, Google removes the possibility of using the HTTP protocol (not secure), in favor of using HTTPS. Therefore, when an apk targets the API level 28 and the execution system is Android 9 or higher, using the HTTP protocol will return an empty result.

Impacted functionalities are (not restrictive list) :

    consumption of a webservice imported into the project via WSDL sounds,
    connection to a database by SQLConnecteWS (via the reserved server),
    image recovery,
    displaying content in an HTML field
    playing a sound from a HTTP URL

In order to restore access to resources, the solutions are as follows:

    Solution 1: switch all HTTP accesses to HTTPS:

    Solution 2: Allow the use of HTTP:

    This can be done either:
        automatically and systematically for all applications thanks to an update of WINDEV Mobile:
            request the update with reference 114 307

        by editing the application manifest:
            in the application generation wizard,
            on the "Configuration" screen click on "Advanced configuration"
            then click "Edit manifest",
            select the "Application" node,
            right click on the node and "Add an attribute",
            enter the name "android:usesCleartextTraffic" and the value "true",