FAQ #16927, published on 2020-01-14
Using the ShellExecute() command with Android 8 and higher
The ShellExecute() command can be used to :
  • install an Android APK
  • update the current APK

Starting with Android 8, these two features require an explicit permission : REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES.

With WINDEV MOBILE version 24 and higher, this permission can be selected during the application generation in the "Selecting permissions" window.

With previous versions of WINDEV MOBILE, it requires editing the manifest.

When generating the Android application, on the Configuration tab, click the "Advanced configuration" button, then click "Edit the manifest" then :

  • select the first line (manifest)
  • click "add a child node" button
  • enter "uses-permission" for the node name
  • enter "android.permission.INSTALL_PACKAGES" in the input field below