FAQ #11653, published on 2015-11-27
A "Merged dex" compilation error when the Android SDK Build-tools 23.0.2 is installed
When the Android SDK Build-tools 23.0.2 is installed you might experience a "merge dex" error :

Failure creating the Android application
Error returned:
Merged dex #1 (18 defs/24.3KiB)
Merged dex #2 (2187 defs/3355.6KiB)
Result is 2188 defs/4060.8KiB. Took 0.2s

In order to remove this error you need to install an upgrade. This upgrade is available from the Useful resources page.


Simply click the "Ask for upgrade" link for Incident number : 95115

Once the upgrade is installed, you will be able to generate your APK again.

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